lei-kano-på Reisaelva, Saraelv Villmarkssenter

Rent a Canoe on Reisa River and Explore the Arctic Wildernes on your own

With the help of one of our riverboats, we transport you, your belongings and canoes upriver on Reisa River to a suitable, and agreed upon location. The water level in the river determines how far we can travel. Now you can paddle at your own pace down river and back to your car, or all the way to the ocean if you wish. Regardless of how far you wish to paddle we can come and pick you up at the location you choose.

A fantastic river to explore on your own

You have 90 kilometers of north Norwegian, arctic river landscape to experience from your canoe! Start where you wish, and get picked up when you wish.

Quiet tranquil pools with jumping fish and white rapids– with your heart in your throat as you sit in your canoe. A bounty of experiences and adventures are awaiting you. Plunging waterfalls from the sharp rock cliffs, large salmon under the bow, and amazing cliffs not to mention…..

Beautiful beaches scattered here and there which appeal to swimming and cozy realxation – camping sites in the birch forests on calm meadows? Fishing trips and photography safari, hiking to waterfall gorges and breathtaking views and stay overnight at the banks of the well stocked mountain lake on the plain…

The opportunity to experience unforgetable wilderness adventures abound. We have paddled and navigated this river for more that 50 years. Therefore we can with assurance say that we know the river – its possibilties and glory – but we also know the dangerous passages and the hidden dangers of the undercurrent. Feel free to ask us for tips and suggestions that will help you stay safe and ensure safe travels in the fantastic and unique arctic river landscape.

Do you like fishing? Rent a canoe at Reisa River and bring on the fishing success! Here you will find more details about Reisa River and its fishing opportunities.  If you wish to know more about the protection and sustainability of the natural resources in Reisa River, take a look at the Reisa River river team website.

Do not rent a canoe on Reisa River without receiving the necessary safety instructions!

We have first hand experience of the river at both high and low water levels. We know that it is easy to underestimate the dangers of paddling on your own on Reisa River – irregardless of the water level. We will therefore provide you with detailed safety instructions.


Canoe rental: NOK 300,- per day. Life vests and paddles are included.

Transportation, should you wish. Cost of transport is determined by such variables as distance, and is agreed upon in advance.  Contact us well in advance of the season, provide us with the number of persons in your group, and arrival and departure dates. We will respond to your inquiry.

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