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For more than 50 years we have facilitated unforgetable nature experiences. Here, domestic and international guests have enjoyed the easily accessible arctic wilderness during both summer and winter seasons. We are located in North Reisa (Nordreisa) in the province of Troms, where the Sara River meets the 120 kilometer long Reisa River. Fish abound, wild passages and majestic waterfalls carve the river bed in an otherwise vastly untouched landscape. A pearl of nature which is unmatched in Europe. You are heartily welcome!

Summer adventures

Here in the north, we embrace life with vitality during the short summer months. Discover how new life develops in radiant colours and dimensions. Let the power and energy – the air, the rivers with their majestic waterfalls, and the sounds which characterise the arctic summer, penetrate your mind and body. Sara River Wilderness Centre is located on the banks of the Reisa River in North-Troms. Look forward to the 90 kilometer long arctic river landscape which is unmatched in Europe. You can choose from pre-packaged or tailor-made tours.

Elvebåt tur på Reisaelva fra Saraelv Villmarkssenter

Snøscooterturer ved Saraelv Villmarkssenter

Winter Adventures at the Sara River Wilderness Centre

Using sleds pulled by reindeer, the Sami people have travelled throughout the northern Norwegian landscape for generations. Now you can experience the same adventures while driving a snowmobile. The same sense of freedom in the wilderness, only much safer and more comfortable. We provide driving lessons, safety courses, winter clothing and tour guides. We at Sara River Wilderness Centre offer tailor-made trips if that is desirable. Our winter adventures are especially suited to companies wishing to strengthen their team through active and exciting experiences.

Sara River Wilderness Centre

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