Imofossen under oss.Målet for vår elvebåtsafari til Imofossen fra Saraelv Villmarkssenter.

Riverboat Safari to Imofossen falls – beautiful and enthralling

Look forward to beautiful waterfalls and fantastic views. This trip includes a hike which takes you high above the river landscape. The destination is a lookout where we view the Imofossen falls below us – as it cascades and plunges down the mountain cliffs into a gorge.

Cost for the Riverboat safari to Imofossen falls

Adult: NOK 1.950,-. Children 8-13 years old: NOK 925,-. Prices are per person and include the boat captain. A guide for the hike is not included (4 hours) but can be hired if you wish. Minimun 3 guests per boat. Min. price: 5800 NOK.

We start the trip at Sara River Wilderness Centre

From here we travel up river and cross the border into the Reisa National Park at Seima. Just a short distance away, we can see 4,000 year old rock art which we stop and admire. The river lanscape is thrilling and vibrant. Throughout our 1,5 – 2 hour boat ride we travel though an arctic river landcape where animals and humans have lived off the land for thousands of years. On this riverboat journey to Imofossen falls, the sights that meet your eyes are powerful and vast, and for many, unforgetable.

We travel past the impressive Mollisfossen falls, and of course take time to stop and walk to the falls before the riverboat safari continues to Jervestilla, Nuastneset, or Nedre-foss (lower waterfall) depending on the depth of the water in the river.

The long, narrow boat manouvers safely through the angry waves and frothing passages. It is amazing to be able to sit safely and comfortably and drink in the intensity of nature; its colours, sounds and movements. Streams and waterfalls carve their way down steep mountains and through meadows to join the Reisa River, sometimes as peaceful streams, and at other times cascading and powerful. The excursion to Imofossen falls is the best a riverboat safari can offer.

The trip continues as a guided hike along the river, through varied and beautiful terrain and we greet the ¨waterfall lady¨ . At Nedre-foss (the lower waterfall) there is a good chance we will see wild salmon in the river. Farther upstream, at Imofossen falls, is the final destination for the salmons’ migration. When it reaches that point, the salmon swam 90 km from the coast to get there – it can´t travel farther. A little later, when we pass Ava River we see Øvrefossen (the Upper Falls) in front of us.

The waterfalls of the breathtaking Imofossen falls is impressive when we begin to near it only a half hour later. Two rivers plunge over the edge of the vertical granite walls and meet in a narrow canyon with many pools or gorges. We can stand on the very edge of the hundred meter deep gorge and stare down at the great amounts of water that shoot over the cascading falls.

Take a look at the rumbling falls here:  Imofossen – crashing into a great gorge. comes up in a seperate window.

Cozy around the fireside surrounded by beautiful nature. Back at the base of the Imofossen falls a light meal is served for those who have a paid for a guide. If you choose not to hire a guide, we suggest you take along food and coffe, which you could enjoy at this point amidst the beautiful surroundings. Afterwards as you make your way back to the boat the acknowledgement sinks in that our riverboat safari to Imofossen falls is nearing its end. The boat trip back takes about one hour.

Safety and equipment you will need on our riverboat safari to Imofossen

Before we board, we will go through the safety procedures. We suggest you bring windproof clothing on the river boat. For those who wish, we can lend you a rain poncho. In addition, we make sure that you receive a life jacket and a chair you can sit on in the boat. You are welcome to bring your cameras and video equipment along.

Suitable for everyone who likes a hike in the forest and mountainside

Our riverboat safari to Imofossen falls is suitable for everyone who likes to hike, young or old. The hike takes about four hours, depending on your physical condition. The boat trip to the falls and back takes about three hours. In whole trip including the boat safari and the hike takes about seven hours.

The cost for the riverboat safari to Imofossen falls

Adults: NOK 3000,-

Children 8-13 years NOK 1500,-

The prices are per person and include the river boat guide. If you wish to have a guide on the hike, (four hours) an additional cost applies. Minimum three guests per boat.

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