Sommerturer med elvebåt i Reisaelve i Nord-Troms, Saraelv Villmarkssenter

Summer Adventures by Riverboat or Canoe along the Reisa River

Life is enjoyed with intensity during the short summer months here in the north. Spoil yourself with one of our summer adventures – by riverboat or canoe. Experience how the colours and patterns of new life develop along the Reisa River as well as in the province of North Troms. Immerse yourself and enjoy how the arctic summer influences your mind and body.

Riverboat Trip to Mollisfossen falls

Mollisfossen falls is one of Europes largest waterfalls. 269 meters high, with 6 tonnes of cascading water each second make quite an impression.


Riverboat Safari to Imofossen falls

Our goal is to observe the Imofossen falls below us, as it carves and cascades through the rock cliffs into the rugged and deep gorge that it has created.


Rent a Riverboat on Reisa River

Start and end your wilderness adventure in a riverboat on the Reisa River. You are brought where you wish and we pick you up where and when you wish.


Canoe Rentals

Rent a canoe and discover Reisa River at your own pace. We transport you up river. Paddle back to your car, or 90 km out to the sea.

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